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QUEENSCLIFF and SORRENTO (foreground) crossing mid stream.
( see below )

Seward Maritime was initially established in 1981 by the principal, Michael Seward (B Eng, MRINA) as a sole practice to offer professional naval architecture services in Tasmania mainly to the local fishing industry. The business was incorporated in 1985.
The business has steadily developed its clientele and experience over the years taking on larger and more complex projects covering a wide range of vessel types and providing a range of Naval Architecture services.

Seward Maritime also operated a contract commercial diving business from 1989 to 1997 engaging in inshore inspection, repair and construction diving mainly on merchant shipping, associated shore facilities and hydroelectric power stations both under term contracts and on an ad hoc basis.

Referring also to the diverse range projects summarised below it is clear that the firm's background has seen it exposed to a unique mix of engineering experience and gathered insight and it is tackling the unusual that we enjoy the most.

Broadly we offer services in the area of:-

• Commercial Vessel Design
• Naval Architecture Consultancy
• Expert Opinion and Evidence in legal proceedings

but what we really offer is the ability to analyse an atypical circumstance and make sense of it whether it is a niche vessel design, some idiosyncratic piece of maritime engineering or explaining a matter with complex or confusing technical aspects to a client or a court.


Key Vessel Designs

The following illustrates the range of vessel type the business has designed.

1983 LUTARNA 20 metre steel, fishing vessel, new design.


1983 60/60 Class 18 metre, steel general purpose fishing vessel for fleet operations, new design, 17 built in 4 yards in 10 months. Progress reporting to client during construction. Project included significant on site presence from the early stages to get construction going as soon as possible.


1989/90 WINDEWARD BOUND. 22 metre strip planked brigantine for Hobart client, using all recycled timber , epoxy - laminated construction. Ongoing involvement with owner-builder, Launched 1996 for completion early 1998.


1989 MARKARNA 25 metre orange roughy trawler.


1990 Pileframe Barge 27 metre steel dumb barge with 32 metre pileframe tower for the Port of Launceston.


1989 Lady Theresa 10 metre , traditional style Steam launch


1991 20 metre Ferry 30 knot aluminium alloy fast ferry for overseas client to Bureau Veritas international class, contracted by the Builder to provide design services.


1991 12 metre Cable Ferry steel , cable ferry for the King River, SW Tasmania to transport up to 30 tonne vehicles into remote forests.


1992 Alfresco 10 metre aluminium alloy vessel, 30 knots plus


1992/3 Queenscliff Design of a 60 metre, displacement catamaran vessel for short haul RoRo duties in passenger, cargo or mixed service. Designed for ease of construction. Vessel delivered mid December 1993. ( See above)


1993/4 ANUTC Dive Platform Design options then final catamaran barge for floating plant for commercial diver training centre, call tenders for same and refurbishment of saturation diving system. Then hand over to owners for PM.


1999 22 m long Liner Design of steel fishing vessel delivered Jan 2000. Built Portland Ocean Steel, Victoria


1999 22 m Prawn Trawler Design of steel fishing vessel delivered May 2001. Built Portland Ocean Steel, Victoria


2000 SORRENTO Design of 2nd generation vessel to Queenscliff for same client including detail design. vessel delivered April 2001.Includes extensive CFD program for hull optimisation with excellent results.


2003 24 m Drift Dive Vessel Design of new fishing vessel.


2003 12 m Ferry Design of traditional style excursion ferry for sheltered waters


2003 12 metreBarge Tender Design for wateret driven landing barge for Antarctic service, 20 tonne payload


2003 15 metre fast Workboat Tender Concept Design


2006 AFP Patrol Boats Technical oversight and re-engineering of production design of 13 metre patrol boats for the Australian Federal Police for tropical service.
Preparation of detail structural design down to componentry and plate nesting, systems spatial reorganisation, preparation of Operations Manuals and Stability Booklets.

NB A 12 metre version also prepared.


Naval Architecture Consultancy

1993 Tank Testing Additional Model Testing of large catamaran hull variants with and without bulbous bows. Research and analysis of optimum bulb form prior to testing. Information used for 60 m cat RoRo

1994/5 Van Dieman Tasmania Police Negotiate building contract and administer same for design and construct of aluminium patrol vessel. Attend builder's yard in WA, conduct QA checks, trials, authorise payment etc. Prepare vessel's Operations Manual. Vessel delivered July 1995

1995 Stability Review Department of Defence Review stability data and intact and damaged stability characteristics of design tendered for 65 metre Hydrographic vessel project as per RAN stability criteria and report to DOD.

1998 Bulbous Bow Design of bulbs for Queenscliff using CFD code SHIPFLOW. Bulbs Fitted

2000 Bulbous Bow Design of bulbs for cement carrier retrofit study using CFD code SHIPFLOW. Bulbs not fitted.

2002 Bulbous Bow Design of bulbs for high speed motor yacht study using CFD code SHIPFLOW.

2002 CFD Study In House CFD study of diisplacement hull form series with bulb forms as basis for new generation hull forms.

2003/4 ANMM Pontoon Assessment Consultancy to lead civil engineers for new Australian National Maritime Museum pontoon breakwater at Darling Harbour, Sydney , NSW. Structural and stability assessment, supervise tank testing for wave absorption characteristics. Reports to client and follow up advice.

2004 Vehicle Ferry linkspan Design of structure and supports for a 15 metre link span to service the upper deck of Bass Strait ferry at the Port Melbourne terminal.

2004 Bascule Span Lift Heavy lift trim and stability and basic motions calculations for proposed heavy barge lift of approximately 1000 tonne bridge span unit by barge ito position for proposed highway bridge over a commercial waterway.

2005/7 Troy D Dive Wreck Devine Marine Group Project development, contract negotiation and project supervision including assisting the environmental approval process ( State & Federal) for a proposed dive wreck off the east coast of Tasmania.
Liason with proponent, scuttling experts and others. Acting for the prime contractor.
Ongoing works QA and oversight, preparation of dive wreck drawings and draft dive management plan. Supervision of site markers design and installation.

2007 AUC Wet Bell System Australian Underwater Centre, Commercial Diver Training facility, Bell Bay, Tasmania, Deep Air Wet Bell and deployment system arrangement and structure ( Systems by Others) .


Expert Opinion

1998 Expert Witness
R&D Tax related matter in the Federal AAT. Expert evidence for the Federal Government.

2000 Coronial Enquiry
Inspect vessel, review statements to enquiry, prepare report and give evidence to Tasmanian Coroners Court.

2005 Expert advice
Advice to Owner as to the likeley causes of a vessel capsize in Sydney harbour for Insurance claim.

2005 Civil Litigation
Expert Witness to defendent in civil, state supreme court action pursuant to 2000 coronial matter.

2005 Expert Report
Report for legal advice pertainng to cracking of an aluminium vessel transom.

2006 Expert Report
Report to owner on damage sustained by motor launch during transit.

2006/7 Expert Report

Report to underwriters on effects of flooding and likely sinking mechanisms in a disputed insurance claim over the loss of a prawn trawler. Preparation of detailed damaged stability analysis with supplementary modelling of free surface influences, examination of immersion angles of critical openings during flooding accounting for heel and trim.